Alley Cats

Prostitute Punishments

Ally Cats fighting for customers. Two ladies of the night trying to hook the same punters. One is young and just arrived on the scene and the other is a little older and has been on this patch for while now. Drag the newbie around the corner in an alley. Give her a dam good paddling. Maybe this could turn into a double act. Because more than one onlooker starts to take a very keen interest. especially with these two Alley Cats

Alley Cats Spanking each others bare bottoms out in the street

The Ally Cats and paddles bottoms. As one prostitute spanks the bare ass of a younger one

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Spanking ladies of the night Alley Cats

Alley Cats Advertise A Schoolgirl For $100

Already and in her schoolgirl outfit. Ready for her first night. Now the young girl is at the mercy of her older new friend. Who has told her she had better make some cash tonight. If she doesn’t make at least $200 she will be learning to take a caning and suck a lot of cock. Maybe she would be better charging the punters to watch her being caned hard. While they have their dicks in her mouth?

Alley Cats Schoolgirl spankings $100 an hour

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