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Featuring lots of hot red stinging bare teen bottoms for boys, girls, sissy’s in full-sized Hi-Def as well as spankred3d  plus from the ’70s ’80s and 90’s photos from spanking magazines that inspired my artwork, such as Janus, Blushes, Kane, and many more. 

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The latest spanking artwork punishment illustration & updates.

Bare bottom, pantie spanking pictures with schoolgirl caning scenes. Red hot bottoms with smiling spankers for instance feature in my work. Also, I like to use facial expressions. Most enjoy it. The idea of punishing a person is not so exciting if they enjoy it a little. Some pictures do have naughty girls with red bottom cheeks from punishment scenarios. 

New Technology Drawing Software Daz 3D

This is time-consuming & takes ages to get the right picture, but when it works it works well. Created using Daz 3D Studio software and my warped, twisted imagination. Some take a day some weeks and are ongoing. I am available for private commissions. For personal collectors & illustrations for magazines, books, and websites.

Original Art & Illustrated Stories

Since 2005, I have been making this artwork using Daz3d. Join the Full Member’s Section to see the full-picture stories. Over 5000 plus spanking artwork and punishment illustrations. Also lots of my inspirations, including vintage & retro photos from magazines. Kane, Blushes, Janus, Uniform Girls, Rou’e, and many more.

Spanking Artwork Punishment Illustrations

Inside the Full Member’s Section some amazing retro videos (hard-to-find collections) of scenes from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Lots of pictures from great magazines have fueled my inspiration since I first saw them. So if you like fantasy spanking picture stories and photos with naughty scenarios then please continue and enjoy the original artwork.

The subject of corporal punishment is available all over the internet.

This site contains picture stories of spanking & punishment fantasy scenarios, For artistic versions of corporal punishment situations.
All of the characters depicted in the scenes are a minimum of 18 years old.