Spankford UPDATE Tracy is back !

Spanking Pocket Money

Spanking pocket money for Tracy. It’s 2017, Tracy is back, the Spankford girl, by popular demand. She is in this month’s feature. Making some extra cash around the Spankos in her neighborhood. 20 pounds for an’ over the knee session by hand. I am going to also finish her visit to the Old Cane Factory too. Tracy also features in my Wet Smacked Bottom series. As well as “Fund Raiser” with her friend. If there is any storyline you think Tracy would be good for please let me know?

Cash Spanking Incentive

A couple of drinks. A couple of naughty neighbors. The ones that look at spanking websites. Ready to part with some cash. If they can get their hands on a willing girl. Tracy is up for a bit of extra cash. She can handle a smacked bottom. She also knows who pays for the pleasure of her pert milky white cheeks. Especially when it comes to making them red. Not so bad when it’s one person’s knee she has to go over. But a little more painful when there are two of them.

Hot Bottom Cash

How much would you like to get for a smacked bottom?
Or how much would you pay to spank Tracy? 

Tracy is back, the Spankford girl

spanking naughty schoolgirl pocket money game

spanking naughty Tracy wit the pocket money game




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