Fetch the cane

In Her Short Little Schoolgirl Skirt

Fetch the cane, my dear. Then lay across the pillows on the bed. I am going to whip your bottom this afternoon. He said. Not just one rattan cane. There are two on top of the wardrobe. Both rattan. One is called a Junior Cane. This is a School cane because it has a crooked handle. The other is a thicker and much heavier Senior Cane. It’s strait and can make some very stingy hot, lines. She will receive them bot this afternoon. 

Fetch the cane

Fetch The Cane has a certain ring to it!

Red striped bottom after he told her to Fetch the cane

Fetch that cane

Fetch the cane. An idea I have been working on this weekend after seeing a photo of a similar scene many moons ago.

The girl in the photo was standing on a pair of steps, reaching up to fetch a whippy school cane from the top of the wardrobe. The cute girl was wearing a very short pleated school skirt and blouse with knee socks.

Obviously about to get her pert little bottom striped with the cane. I am going to make this image part of the ” Selfies ” story and maybe turn it into a request from her for the ultimate caning selfie.

Tell me your thoughts. Here is the Original I saw. Not sure from which mag it was.

Hot red smacked bottoms inside
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