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Welcome to spankred3d spanking blog for artwork and punishment illustrations. Thousands of pictures with corporal punishment scenes of naughty girls, boys and sissy boys getting spanked. All of the original 3d artwork is in a story format with multiple pictures. They tell a story of the punishment of a naughty schoolgirl or sissy boy receiving punishment.

Original Picture Stories Blog

The site has been around since 2005. Therefore if you join the full member’s section you will be able to see a lot more of the full picture stories. Over 5000 in total spanking artwork and punishment illustrations. Inside the Full member’s Section for instance there are videos from the great retro scenes of the ’70s, 80’s and ’90s. Lot’s of pictures from the great magazines, that have fueled my inspiration since I first saw them. So if you like fantasy spanking picture stories and photo’s with naughty scenarios then please continue and enjoy the all original artwork.

The Naughty Bar

The naughty Bar for smacked red hot waitress bottoms

Kinky Cocktails & Cheeky Little Drinks The Naughty Bar has a selection of cocktails. All of them are a bit kinky. You can order a Red-Hot-Bottom. This is a drink mixed with Grenadine. It is a great meeting place for the kinky folk of Spankford. You can meet here for a chat & a drink. Maybe a bit more. Some of the staff offer some extras. Stuff that isn’t exactly on the menu.  A Selection Of Naughty Beverages In This Bar Order a Smacked Bottom from the bartender. You will get a nice cocktail. Drink too many for instance. Will get you the offer of a smacked bottom. The selection of cocktails will tell the bar person what you like. The waitresses get nervous when someone orders a “6 Of The Best Double”.  Check out the 2 ladies at the bar. Have they just met. The one on the right works there. The lady behind the bar gets a round of shots in. The girls start chatting. Wonder how the evening is going to pan out? Is the young girl…

Schoolgirl Caning Derelict Building

Naughty schoolgirl bottom caned in a derelict building

Josie Gets The Cane In the Old Derelict Building Now it’s time for this schoolgirl caning in a derelict building. Spanked hard with a Tawse. Over here friends knee. Dressed as a schoolgirl. Inside a derelict building. Now it’s time for a caning. The first spanking was a warm-up. Rachel loves caning, She loves the sound of the cane whizzing through the air. The sound when it hits Josie’s bottom. The scream she makes as the pain sets in.  Schoolgirl Caning Derelict Building Her red stinging bottom is glowing. Her Schoolgirl skirt is now off, draped over the stool. Josie lays across the covered chair. Her bottom is almost bare. Those little panties give no protection. Arms by her side. Nothing to grip to help absorb the sting.  A Rattan Senior Cane For Schoolgirl Josie Rachel likes to cane hard. She always reaches back as far as she can. Then whips the cane down hard. Always right on target. The lines will be straight. She has practiced caning for quite some time. Lots of bottoms. Now her latest little recipient…

Outdoor Spanking Derelict Buildings

Bare bottom spanking in derelict buildings ouside

The Girls Love Some Outdoor Spanking Play Outdoor spanking derelict buildings are about a naughty couple who like outdoor spanking play. In the previous post. These two young ladies enjoy their sub-dome relationship. For instance, going out to the woods or some derelict buildings for some hard spanking action. In addition, Josie the sub of the two likes to dress up and get her partner to give her a good hard spanking with her selection of paddles, whips, canes as well as her hand. Long Hard Spanking Over Panties Josie gets spanked by hand for a good warm-up. Usually by hand to start with. That is to say a gentle start across her dress and panties to get her in the mood. They find a derelict building. Lik an old abandoned house. Similarly a warehouse or disused factory. Or in other words, outdoors. Starting with a paddling. This is a hard spanking. Especially to start. The wooden paddle stings her bottom with every smack. Read more … Afternoon Spanking With Straps, Paddles, and A Caning. They have some paddles and a…

Sissy Spanking Day Out

Sissy Boy Outing with Step Mom and Step Sis

Sissy Boy Outing With Step Mom & Step Sister Ryan’s first Sissy Boy outing with step Mom & Step Sister. They have a very naughty, side. For instance. Dressing him up in girly clothes and spanking his bottom. Embarrassing enough at home. His step Sister watching Mom spank him. Even more embarrassing when they go on their little outings.  His new young attractive Mom has a real thing about spanking and punishment games. Furthermore, he refers to her as “Mommy”. If he refuses she has promised to smack his bottom in public, like a little girl. With the outfit to match.  Step-Sis is really a saucy little minx as well. Always dressed to tease. She has a very odd incestual relationship with her Mom. Enjoys the odd bit of spanking play. Usually giving him a spanking, caning, or a good hard dose of the paddle, belt, or switch. However, she does like a trip over Mommies lap or so the sounds from her bedroom would suggest. Read More…  Embarrassing Road Trip This little trip out started from home where some…

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