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Welcome to spankred3d spanking blog for artwork and punishment illustrations. Thousands of pictures with corporal punishment scenes of naughty girls, boys and sissy boys getting spanked. All of the original 3d artwork is in a story format with multiple pictures. They tell a story of the punishment of a naughty schoolgirl or sissy boy receiving punishment.

Original Picture Stories Blog

The site has been around since 2005. Therefore if you join the full member’s section you will be able to see a lot more of the full picture stories. Over 5000 in total spanking artwork and punishment illustrations. Inside the Full member’s Section for instance there are videos from the great retro scenes of the ’70s, 80’s and ’90s. Lot’s of pictures from the great magazines, that have fueled my inspiration since I first saw them. So if you like fantasy spanking picture stories and photo’s with naughty scenarios then please continue and enjoy the all original artwork.


Cyber Dom Systems Spanking Robot

Cyber Dom Systems Dominatrix Model 101 Spanking and Punishment Robot More spanking robot stuff with this Cyber Dom Systems Dominatrix Terminator-style spanking robot. The perfect way to enjoy lockdown with some kinky fun. Stay at home and role-play all your favorite bare bottom punishment scenarios. With this bare bottom smacking droid, you can program with your laptop. What could go wrong (as long as you have a stable copy of Windows 7, 10, or the latest Apple IOS)? Set to a nice gentle but warming setting with the hairbrush and the feeling of being held down over Mummy, Auntie, or teachers’ lap, the Cyber Dom clamps her down nice and tight. What could go wrong with this brand new kinky Cyber toy? Lockdown Social Distance Spanking The ultimate self-isolating lockdown 2021 bit of kinky entertainment for the spanking enthusiast. Chelsea is normally spanked by her Dom friend for fun and role play games. Due to the current situation and global pandemic, social distancing has put a stopper in the bottle of her naughty games. The order was made and the…

Stable Relations

Stable relations in the barn with a crop

Horse Cropped Bottoms In The Stable Stable relations refer to the girl over the saddle stand. With her wrists and ankles tied after a ride in the country. In her equestrian uniform with her friend. Her bottom thrashed with a riding whip. Quite a sting from the whip as it lands across her Jodhpurs. This girl is just getting a warm-up. In the stable with tears streaming down her face as the crop hits down hard. She is crying now and fears her jodhpurs will be pulled down. Along with her panties. The crop used on her bare bottom. Hard Whipped Bottom Nothing like a good hard whipped bottom on a fresh morning in the stable. If you are not the one bent over the saddle stand, bottom-up. Her ass will be the same shade as those apples in the crate. More spanking site here please click on the link above to help me produce more illustrations of naughty girls with whipped bare bottoms Click on this link to help us get more hits. I can produce more pictures. More…

Cyber Spanking

Cyber Spanking Robot

Real Cyber Spankings & Caning from a Punishment Bot Well there is a new year upon us and things have moved on, now you can get a robot to spank your bottom. This girl didn’t know that. She ignored the sign that said: “Danger Unauthorized Personnel Keep Out !”. Maybe she did read the sign. Maybe she knew what was lurking in this facility. A real Cyber Spanking. All new stories for 2021 This will be part of another massive story interlaced with current storylines in the full member’s section. The spanking and caning droid story will have a prequel. You can find out who built it. The Robot has a feminine figure and no face. Or does it? There are more questions than answers about this particular series at the moment. Although the stack of spanking robot illustrations is ready to post. I have illustrated many automated spanking machines in the past. Including the awesome “Auto-Caner Mk I and II. This is also available as an animation inside the main member’s section of this site. Happy Cyber Spanking New…

A Spanking Good Christmas

spanking christmas naughty bare bottom otk Santa spanks

Have a spanking good Christmas everyone That’s it, Christmas spanking time. A set of new canes for under the tree or across the girl’s bottoms. Maybe a visit to Santa’s grotto to find out who’s naughty or nice. The naughty ones will go ver Santa’s lap for a smacked bottom. New Canes for Christmas, so you better test them out. A few quick whips across the girl’s bottoms  A few are never enough for proper cane testing. Have you been Naughty Or Nice, Santa Asked? Maybe she should have not giggled and said “Naughty”. Santa spanks naughty ones, Over the knee, even if you are 18 now! Maybe she got what she wanted judging by those cheeky shorts Why not get what you want and treat yourself to full members pass, here at Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Everyone

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