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Toys In The Wood

spanking paddle speeder

The old Paddle Speeder

Some of the old Punishment Park Rides have been turning up in various places READ MORE

The See Sore spanking ride

The Dreaded See Sore

This is a very simple twist on the old playground seesaw idea READ MORE

Pocket Money Spankings

spanking naughty schoolgirl pocket money game

Naughty teen schoolgirl gets her pert little bare bottom smacked red hot by eager Uncle & his girlfriend. READ MORE

Mary Lou’s Old School Over The Knee Spanking Teacher

Mary Lou's old school spankings

Naughty Mary Lou at her old school getting spanked over her strict teachers lap.READ MORE

Spank-Tec Introduces The Auto-Caner MK II

caning machine Auto-Caner

Spank-Tec have found a couple of volunteers to test out the new improved Auto-Caner Mk II. READ MORE

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