Spank Art G J Churchward

George J Churchward is one of my favorite artist. I think he actually got me into spanking artwork. I email chatted with him back in the late 90’s before he sadly passed away in 2000. I had manipulated (Photoshopped) some of his original drawings and made story lines out of his characters, by moving the faces bottoms and heads around into different drawings and coloured the bare bottoms in red. He said he liked the story lines and the artwork manipulation but was not too sure about my colouring in of the girls bottoms.

  G.J.C artwork spanked red bottom 

This was a learning curve for me in smacked bottom artwork. Also remember this was the 90’s we still had Microsoft Win 95 and all its advanced capabilities. I was using a basic image program to cut out the various parts and stick them together to make a story line. One was series called Emily & followed my favorite G.J.C character through a series of bare bottom spanking stories. Now days I can really appreciate the talent of the original artist and the untouched drawings of Mr Churchward. Below are just a few of my favorite pictures from one the best spanking artists that ever lived.


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