Spanking 3d Art

Naughty spanked, caned schoolgirls with paddled red hot bottoms

For picture stories of naughty girls being spanked, caned, paddled, whipped & punished For lovers of girls with hot red spanked stinging bare bottoms. This site contains over 4000 images in picture story format. All of the images have got better with the speed of technology & software. Some of the early images now look quite crude compared to the latest ones, Spanking Artwork that I have created over the last 11 years.

The medium is Daz3D STUDIO, which I believe to be the best in realistic 3d art rendering. The artwork takes a lot of money & time to produce, Look at our latest picture stories check the Blog  for the updates. Below are just some of the latest story lines of naughty girls with nice warm bottoms. Spanking, Caning, Paddling being the most common of the punishments, but there are a few inventions too. Including some “spanking Machines” as well as some very naughty girls that go to spanking exhibitions or even spanking & caning punishment competitions. 

This site contains picture stories of spanking & punishment fantasy scenarios for the purpose of artistic versions of corporal punishment situations. All of the characters depicted in the scenes are of a minimum of 18 years old. 

All brand spanking new pictures are in Hi Resolution 16 X 9 resolution

Toys In The Wood

spanking paddle speeder

The old Paddle Speeder

Some of the old Punishment Park Rides have been turning up in various places, usually in deserted woodland areas away from prying eyes & ears. A quick polish up for the Paddle Speeder, a squirt of lube & she will be spinning freely again, powered by the stinging paddled hot cheeks of the two girls tightly secured to the machine by the on board restraints. Scream if you want to go faster is the the catchphrase of the moment. This revamped version of the original is missing all the scoreboards & speed readouts, so its more like a spanking tennis rally with girls bottoms & hard wooden paddles, in the middle of the spooky old wood.

The See Sore spanking ride

The Dreaded See Sore

This is a very simple twist on the old playground seesaw idea. This particular one was restored & put in the back of the pickup truck to transported to the spooky wooded area in the middle of nowhere. The girls are simply cuffed at the wrists & ankles, then whipped across their naughty bottoms to make the See Sore move. As you smack one girls bottom with a cane, crop, paddle or strap she goes down to the bump stop, the other girl immediately raises so that her bottom can be beaten. Both the girls are wearing shorts to start with as a kind of of warm up favour, the inventor, Mr Floyd has decided to start off using the cane on the poor girls bottom, where as the the other girl is having her pert little bottom strapped with the heavy leather strap by Mr Floyd’s lady-friend, Janice. Cannot be certain how long the warm up will last, but you can be sure at some point in the evening those shorts will be coming down to reveal two very hot red stinging naughty bare bottoms. 

Pocket Money Spankings

spanking naughty schoolgirl pocket money game

Naughty teen schoolgirl gets her pert little bare bottom smacked red hot by eager Uncle & his girlfriend. For a 15 minute smacked bottom she can get around a “20”. Not a bad rate of pay for the time she puts in. The only thing is that sometimes his girlfriend likes to play. Once the drinks get flowing, the price goes down and her bottom gets warmer as both of them take it in turns to warm the naughty teen’s bottom for the afternoon. Especially as they start to introduce a few implements, like the strap, the paddle & of course the cane.

Mary Lou’s Old School Over The Knee Spanking Teacher

Mary Lou's old school spankings

Naughty Mary Lou at her old school getting spanked over her strict teachers lap for any naughty behaviour. In the punishment room during & after school. Her old form teacher did not believe in detention. However she would spend a good 20 minutes smacking a girls bottom red hot, then leaving her in the corner with her skirt up & panties down. Mary Lou moves to a new area, joins her new school. She finds out from her new classmates that they don’t give out spankings as a punishment. The worst thing that can happen to here for being naughty is that she will get “LINES” but that’s another story. Only available inside the Full Members area

Spank-Tec Introduces The Auto-Caner MK II

caning machine Auto-Caner

A new series up today for a caning machine that canes two girls at once is under testing at Spank-Tec. The two dominatrix ladies from Spank-Tec have found a couple of volunteers to test out the new improved Auto-Caner Mk II. Works of the App and can be set for duration, height (just to get those perfect lines) also you can adjust the speed and how hard the cane hits the bottom. It also works off Wi Fi so you can operate it from anywhere.




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