Spanking 3d Art

Spanking artwork of naughty girls red bottoms

For picture stories of naughty girls being spanked, caned, paddled, whipped & punished For lovers of girls with hot red spanked stinging bare bottoms. This site contains over 4000 images in picture story format. All of the images have got better with the speed of technology & software. Some of the early images now look quite crude compared to the latest ones, Spanking Artwork that I have created over the last 11 years.

The medium is Daz3D STUDIO, which I believe to be the best in realistic 3d art rendering. The artwork takes a lot of money & time to produce, Look at our latest picture stories check the Blog  for the updates. Below are just some of the latest story lines of naughty girls with nice warm bottoms. Spanking, Caning, Paddling being the most common of the punishments, but there are a few inventions too. Including some “spanking Machines” as well as some very naughty girls that go to spanking exhibitions or even spanking & caning punishment competitions. 

The Best Of The 6

This line up schoolgirls already with stinging bottoms from the over the knee spanking they have just had for using their cellphones in class, are getting a nice video made to remind them that they should pay more attention in class instead of what’s on social media. However there seams to be some interest between the teacher and the girl…

Whipping Volunteers

Another old warehouse where nobody can hear you scream. Who would like to volunteer for a crack at the whip? The old saddle stand is placed in the middle of the empty old factory room. The girl laying over it is not tied down, but how long can she stay there, while the two long leather bullwhips crack down on…

Mrs Kanes 30ish

More of Mrs Kanes younger years, here in her early 30’s downstairs in the basement whipping the bare bottom of a young unsuspecting young lady secured over the old saddle stand. Also upstairs in the attic at a friends house with a carpet beater. By the look of her friends bottom the carpet beater has not been used on the…

This site contains picture stories of spanking & punishment fantasy scenarios for the purpose of artistic versions of corporal punishment situations.
All of the characters depicted in the scenes are of a minimum of 18 years old. 

More of the older spanking stories & full sized versions of the pictures can be found inside the Full Members Area


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