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Welcome to spankred3d spanking artwork and punishment illustrations. Thousands of pictures with corporal punishment scenes of naughty girls, boys and sissy boys getting spanked. All of the original 3d artwork is in a story format with multiple pictures. They tell a story of punishment of a naughty schoolgirl or sissy boy receiving punishment.

Original Picture Stories

The site has been around since 2005. Therefore if you join the full members section you will be able to see a lot more of the full picture stories. Over 5000 in total spanking artwork and punishment illustrations. Inside the Full members Section for instance there are videos from the great retro scenes of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Lot’s of pictures from the great magazines, that have fueled my inspiration since I first saw them. So if you like fantasy spanking picture stories and photo’s with naughty scenarios then please continue and enjoy the all original artwork.


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This site contains picture stories of spanking & punishment fantasy scenarios for the purpose of artistic versions of corporal punishment situations.
All of the characters depicted in the scenes are of a minimum of 18 years old. 

Above is one of the latest corporal punishment, spanking stories, just added to the site. More of this content can be found here on the site, however in addition. If you would like to see all the pictures in the series they can be found inside the Full Members Area Similarly if you would like a naughty little like a sneak preview just click here.


The subject of corporal punishment is available all over the internet, in conclusion spankred3d support a lot of other sites including some free spanking top lists like: Top 3D Sites | Corporal Punishments as well as many more. For instance we also promote some other free punishment based social media sites which include Spankred Free Spanking Chat and ( a spanking BDSM, punishment version of Facebook).