Spanking New Tech


Ok, I am not trying to show off but I though I would tell you about the reason for the new price increase in December. I have just invested the same sort of money you would spend getting a small family hatchback on my NEW Graphics machine. Up untill now all my artwork has be produced using the wonderful Daz 3D software on my 10 year old Acer Laptop, with its tired old graphics car, its well over clocked i3 processor & wait for it, 8 GB of DDR3 RAM.

Whilst this is great for sending email & browsing the web and such things it does not cut the mustard when it comes to all the new full HD 3D Graphics. Most people will be amazed that I have managed to produce the artwork  for the site to the standard that I have.

(Some pictures take 4-5 hours to set up and the same amount of time to render )

So after borrowing, working & selling one of my kidneys on e-bay I am taking delivery of a new system today. This will allow me to produce much higher quality images in much shorter time. I will also be using the system to produce full animations with sound etc. I have always wanted to make some of the stories into short movies and have learned the necessary skills to use the software, but I have never had a system that can actually cope with producing it.

So for all you tech-nerds & computer geeks (like me). Here is the spec. 

Brand spanking new

Infinity Gear Model 7 RTX S Desktop PC

The Model 7 RTX S is housed in a special version of the Cooler Master’s MasterCase H500 which, in addition to quality and robust construction, excellent airflow and impressive 200mm RGB fans, provides increased connectivity and extended upgrade capabilities. The tempered glass side shows the illumination and the AIO water cooling unit in the clean interior. The two interchangeable facades increase your options while the Cooler Master’s 750W MWE power supply comfortably provides the power required for future additions. The 80 PLUS Gold’s latest performance, coupled with CEC 2019 Ready certification of the motherboard ensure efficient operation and reduced power consumption.

Brand spanking new whip ass system

Not just cool but really cool 

Infinity Gear systems are more than the sum of their components. In addition to the powerful eight-core Intel Core i7-9700K with nVidia’s innovative GeForce RTX 2070, the Model 7 RTX S has a host of features that make it stand out. The flagship MasterCase H500 with 200mm RGB fans on the front, tempered glass sideways and careful cable management inside, dominate. White fabric sleeved cables and multiple covers ensure easier air circulation and smooth operation of installed fans that quietly remove hot air.

water cooled to keep it at maximum spanking

Cool Master liquid cooling system for spanking hot graphics 
The 240mm water cooler is manufactured by Cooler Master. The dual chamber pump, in combination with the five RGB fans, keeps the processor and subsystems cool in every use scenario. Even the SSD has its own heat sink to deliver 100% of the capacity in extended load. And all this, with a constant commitment to quiet operation.
More memory than you can shake a stick at 

G.Skill’s 16GB DDR4 memory features RGB lighting, operates in dual channel configuration and comes clocked at 3000MHz. Thus, they take off the multitasking capabilities of the multicore system with both capacity and increased throughput.

Intel i7 processor

More Power i7 Pentium 9th Gen processor

The heart of the system beats at Intel’s pace. The ninth-generation, water-cooled Intel Core i7-9700K with eight physical cores up to 4.9GHz is supported by the Gigabyte motherboard Intel Z390 chipset. The Coffee Lake microarchitecture combined with the high timing of the former ensure top performance in both gaming and more parallel processing scenarios of use. Intel’s chipset inherently supports all the latest technologies such as USB 3.1, multiple M.2 NVMe devices as well as revolutionary Optane storage technology.


Nvider G Force RTX S

Hard Core 8 Gig spanking hot graphics card

Infinity Gear’s Model 7 RTX S comes equipped with the new GeForce RTX 2070 in a premium custom implementation. With 8GB of GDDR6, 2304 CUDA cores and an operating frequency exceeding 1620MHz, Gigabyte’s graphics card takes away your gaming experience. Based on nVidia’s Turing architecture and in a completely revolutionary way of capturing 3D scene reflections, the future of 3D graphics is already here. In this specific embodiment, the three 80mm fans are rotated in reverse every two times to avoid airflow perturbations. In addition, they cease to rotate when there is no load, thereby reducing noise and dust concentration. The latest, in conjunction with the protective back plate, RGB lighting, Gigabyte’s Ultra Durable Components,

Double Vision For High Quality Spanking Characters in FULL HD 2 x 27″ Curved monitors 🙂

Samsung 27" Monitors Curved

Discover the truly immersive viewing experience with Samsung’s curved screen. As with the iMax movie screen, around your field of view, the 1800R screen with a radius of 1.8 meters for greater curvature creates a wider field of view, enhances depth perception and minimizes peripheral distractions, “sinking” to the content you’re watching. So whether it’s an online movie, a favorite TV series or a fast-paced game, the larger curve of the Samsung screen will stun you.

1800R Display: Curved screen for immersive viewing experience


Last but by no means least (because I have run out of money)
The Raer Ornata Chroma Keyboard, Razer Death Adder Precision Gaming Mouse + (completely ridiculous & overkill) Razer Firefly Cloth Mouse Mat

Razer Ornata Chroma Keyboard Death Adder Mouse

This is the reason why you should get your 1 year or 6 month membership today. I am removing the 1 year option completely and the 6 month subscription will be 99..99. euro. You have until the 1st December to enter our members section with the old discounted price.

Hope you enjoy all the NEW graphics and animations 🙂