Teachers Pets

Spanking Artwork Inspiration

A lot of people write to me and ask where I get the inspiration for my drawings and story ideas. The answer is simple now,from images I have seen on the internet or on video posts but mainly from some of the greatest magazines on earth. Especially from the late 70’s, early 80’s like Janus, Blushes, Kane, Justice and many more. Certain stories stick in my mind more than others. I am going to put in the Full Members Section some of the original scans and the stories as well as some of my favourite photos.

Teachers Pets a story from Janus 23.

Priscilla and Nicola are absolutely inseparable — and irrepressible. One simply cannot teach them for ten minutes without the pair of them sabotaging the studious atmosphere by bursting into peals of very girlish giggles. It seems they have only to look at each other to crack up laughing. They find everything funny, and most things hilarious. Mr Harvey, their dishy biology master, is especially giggle-worthy. Perhaps it’s his subject that does it: he must ‘know all about it’ as dark-haired Nicola slyly remarks to her friend… causing both of them to explode with more and more of their famed laughter.
More likely, though, it’s Mr Harvey’s incessant references, throughout his lessons, to the subject of spanking that sends the crackpot pair into hysterics. For what could be more ‘naughty’ than Mr Harvey’s evident obsession with the taboo notion of smacking their bottoms? As for example in: ‘If I had my way, miss, I’d take you across my lap this instant and tan that pretty backside of yours till you squirmed!’ Pretty heady stuff for schoolgirls as young and innocent (you want to bet?) as this charming but annoying pair. Especially when you consider that — to Mr Harvey’s infinite chagrin — he is not allowed to spank anyone’s bottom. Only the headmaster and the deputy head are permitted to apply CP, and then it’s only supposed to be under exceptional circumstances.

Mr Harvey probably says the words ‘smack’ or ‘spank’ around 15 times a day whilst teaching his all-girl classes. It’s become a habit with him, and half the time he doesn’t know he’s doing it. Perhaps it’s a lifeline for him: a relatively safe way of creaming off the pressure, without which he would go mad. The girls don’t mind, it’s a bit of a giggle really. They know he can’t help it, and he only means it in the nicest way. He’s too well liked for anyone to take offence, and besides, a great many of his pupils fancy him like hotcakes and are always vying with one another to attract his attention. By now you doubtless understand that of all the things that reduce Nicola and Priscilla to peals of helpless giggles or render them speechless with suppressed hysterics — which at any moment might erupt — Mr Harvey and his fondness for talking about spanking girls’ bottoms affect them like nothing else. They only wish he could take all their lessons, instead of just two periods a week…
Every Friday after school this term it’s Mr Harvey’s turn to take detention… a chore that makes all teachers yawn with utter boredom. More than ever this Friday, when all our hero wants to do is get away and spend the evening — and hopefully the weekend — with his marvellous new girlfriend. His only hope of an early exit is if no-one’s been put in detention. But his luck’s out, for there on the roster he reads two names: Priscilla Waters and Nicola Redway. And surprise, surprise: their noted offence is causing a disturbance in class.
Wearily Mr Harvey heads for the Detention Room where he finds the two culprits seated side by side giggling, and already writing their lines: ‘I must not be a naughty girl.’ Trust old Smethwick, Mr Harvey thinks. Couldn’t he come up with something more original once in a while? He invariably handed out the same line, regardless of what a girl had done or failed to do. Mr Harvey knows what he’d like to literally hand out to them, and they know too. There are times when he has to exercise a steely self-control.

Mr Harvey already suspects — and quite rightly, too — that Priscilla and Nicola have engineered themselves into his detention period. Why, they turn up just about every Friday night… and a little quiet checking has shown him that they’re not in detention most other evenings. Usually, however, there are others in detention too. How bitterly the teacher has come to rue the day he told the duo they were ‘quite the most spankable girls in the entire school’!
He looks up crossly from his exercise books at the first sounds of giggling… and finds them mucking around. Great Scott, Nicola is reaching across to write Priscilla’s lines… with three biros sellotaped together!! It’s a challenge he can’t possibly ignore, even though he knows they’re setting him up for sure. He marches over and Priscilla hurriedly tries to hide the offending writing implement under her forearm — ‘I can see it!’ he snarls, trying to sound as heavy as possible.

Priscilla looks up at him, eyes wide, lips threatening to part in a smile, sheer tempting prettiness. She meets his eyes for longer than he can cope with. He says nothing, just confiscates the illicit biros, and when he retreats to his desk the girls start to giggle. When he looks at them they openly laugh. Now he just has to act.

‘Come here, girl,’ he says sternly, crooking a finger at Priscilla.
With a toss of blonde curls Priscilla gets to her feet. Mr Harvey is unable to see the sly look that passes between them, but Nicola has rocked forward on her chair and is smirking knowingly.

Confronting the naughty little strumpet is more difficult than Mr Harvey had anticipated. He is in a position of weakness seated behind the desk and his harangue over their lack of responsibility is treated with amused boredom by the cheeky Priscilla. She is trying to wind him up, but she doesn’t need to try — her looks alone faze him. Behind her Nicola’s tittering is threatening to erupt into gales of uncontrolled laughter. The situation is beginning to get out of control. He must do something quickly.

‘Quiet!’ he thunders, levering himself up to his full 6 feet and a half inch. He looks menacingly down at the saucy blonde, but the amusement has not diminished.
‘I will not have this… this cheekiness!’ he barks, but the bite is missing and desperately he tries to recover lost ground. He grabs Priscilla by the left arm and leaning forward smacks her hard on the right thigh. The desired effect is missing. All that happens is that his hand stings like hell and the giggles multiply. But he has smacked her leg!

‘If you don’t stop giggling this instant, I will put you over my knee!’
It was out before he had realised it, but he couldn’t have bitten off the words even if he had wanted to.
The two irrepressible girls crack up. Their unsuppressed giggles are a direct challenge to his authority. He cannot ignore them.
‘Right!’ he says decisively, perching himself on the edge of the desk. That does it! Over my knee, Priscilla!’
For a second he holds his breath, knowing that what he has said is totally forbidden. He is not authorised to carry out even the mildest form of CP, as both girls are well aware. He is way, way out of order, but then, so is she.
It is almost more than he can cope with when Priscilla moistens her soft lips with the pinkest of tongues and moves very close to him. ‘Oh come on sir,’ she taunts, ‘you’re always talking about it, but you wouldn’t dare do it!’

Now there is no alternative and Mr Harvey realises that the dawn of truth is now at last actually breaking. The two girls are controlling a situation in which his authority should be dominant. He is left with no choice but to carry out his threat.
‘Oh wouldn’t I, young lady?’ he says firmly. Inwardly he is less certain and somewhat nervous — nervous with excitement. ‘Come on… get over my knee!’
Almost before he realises what has happened, Priscilla has draped herself across his knee and is lying face down amongst the scattered exercise books. The alacrity with which she moved has virtually nonplussed him.

Slowly and very uncertainly, in view of the unique circumstances, Mr Harvey lifts the hem of the short tunic. His breathing, like the world that has been created around him, has almost stopped. Time has frozen. He is aware of only two things: the cute swell of Priscilla’s brown-knickered bottom and the heat of her girlish body pressed hard onto his thigh.

His hand rebounds from the springy mounds of her soft bottom. Once again his palm stings but the luscious warmth and that immaculate sensation he felt for that brief moment of impact causes him to redouble his efforts. Again he smacks the taut, regulation knickers… and again. Priscilla’s girlish giggling continues unabated, punctuated by tiny gasps after each smack.

‘Oh sir!’ she squeals. ‘Ow! Ow!’
After the sixth smack he is aware of Nicola’s provocative laughter. And also of his own growing and outlandish excitement. Nicola seems to enjoy her friend’s plight and is taking an undisguised interest in the proceedings. Her lines are totally ignored and she is sitting eagerly forward.

Mr Harvey pauses from his self-appointed task of chastising one of the two ‘most spankable bottoms in the entire school’. His finger points like a pistol towards the spluttering schoolgirl.
‘You’re next, young lady!’ he snaps. He has taken it this far and now there is nothing more to lose.
The tone of his voice halts Nicola in mid-giggle and she quickly picks up her biro. He thinks that she looks like a lost waif and momentarily regrets his sharpness.
Priscilla has leapt to her feet, aware that her bottom is hot and tingling and not quite sure if this is what she had wanted to provoke. But Mr Harvey has not finished with her yet…

Moments later he is seated in front of the desk, on his chair, with the nubile Priscilla draped decorously across his lap. Six more stinging slaps rain down on the taut brown knickers, causing the naughty little bottom to jump and wobble delightfully.

‘Up!’ he commands. At last he is beginning to regain control over the scheming pair. Even though this is what they seem to want…
‘Next!’ he says with complete assurance.
With a confident swagger Nicola steps forward, apparently eager to replace her friend. Priscilla has stopped giggling and started to rub her delectable bottom. Gingerly she sits down.

Mr Harvey makes a great show of inspecting Nicola’s lines. Unfortunately — for him — he can find little fault with the studied neatness. Undeterred he lectures her on the responsibilities of growing up, punctuated by two resounding slaps on a bare, suntanned thigh.

‘Owww!’ she squeals, trying to move out of range. ‘Are you going to smack my bottom, like you did Prissy, sir?’ she gasps. The sly smile which is just detectable at the corners of her mouth is unmistakable. His answer is simply to pull her down across his lap and lift her tunic.

For a moment Mr Harvey allows himself the luxury of drinking in the ripe swell of her utterly girlish bottom. He is in no hurry to administer the medicine she richly deserves. He wants to savour the moment of power and beauty and enjoy it to the full.
‘Come on sir, aren’t you going to spank me too?’ the little minx taunts. He is stung into action and brings his hand down with some force.

The firm young bottom makes his hand rebound, stinging his palm again and again. The more he smacks her the more it stings him. The giggles and wriggles are continuous and he realises that far from being hurt she’s beginning to lose sexual control. The very realisation causes a physical response that his masculinity is unable to stop. At all costs he must not allow her to realise his predicament.

‘Up!’ he snaps, pushing her roughly to her feet. Her face is flushed and one of the bunches of her brown hair has unfastened.
‘I hope that that is a lesson to you Nicola,’ he says with some effort
The girl smiles slyly. ‘But it didn’t hurt… sir!’ Her challenge to his authority and dominance is obvious. He responds immediately because he has no choice, and is instantly on his feet.
Priscilla is watching in silence, her eyes are blue and wide. He is sure she has seen his involuntary response and he turns his back on her as his only defence.
‘Right!’ he addresses the tormenting Nicola. ‘In that case — over the desk! We will have those knickers down… now!’
The explosion behind him is Priscilla who has convulsed helplessly. Mr Harvey ignores the spluttering and looks down at the delicious Nicola, who is already bent over the now chaotic desk… waiting.
His confusion is abating, but he needs time to regain his total self-control, so he starts an elaborate ritual of precisely adjusting and positioning Nicola. Lifting the tunic he lays it perfectly around her tiny waist. Slowly, with bated breath, he starts to roll down the girl’s tight regulation knickers. Gradually the youthful sun-kissed bottom is exposed to his awed gaze. He thinks irrelevantly that at some time, and not too long ago either, she must have sunbathed in the nude. The picture that this conjures is almost too much for him to cope with and he blinks like a punch-drunk boxer. Truthfully, he can’t believe his luck!

Priscilla has almost stopped giggling and is beginning to writhe very slightly on her chair.
‘Go on sir’ she breathes and he can barely hear her. ‘She’s been really, really naughty!’
Mr Harvey pretends he hasn’t heard but Nicola doesn’t.
‘Shut up Prissy,’ she giggles, ‘it’s nothing to do with you!’

For the very first time Mr Harvey smacks a bare bottom. Warmth and excitement lance up his flailing arm and pervade every millimetre of his 6 feet and half inch. Again and again he smacks her, the tension leaving him in great surges of relief. Nicola’s soft moaning is becoming quieter and quieter. Her bottom undulates slowly backwards and forwards and her silky thighs are pressed tightly together.

Reluctantly, he stops and hauls her to her feet. Her velvet brown eyes are deep and misty and he is aware that pain or hurt would evoke a different effect. The responsibility of his position causes him to dismiss her curtly to a corner of the room, just out of his line of vision. The girl makes no effort to adjust her tunic, or replace her knickers.
‘Alright Priscilla,’ he snaps, ‘Your turn!’

Without his bidding Priscilla lowers her flushed face onto the desk. Her silence is out of character and Mr Harvey wastes no time in lifting the tunic and baring her bottom.
‘Now young lady,’ he says emphatically, ‘this is for being a very naughty, giggling little girl. I hope it will teach you a lesson!’

The other ‘most spankable bottom in the entire school’ (and now the entire universe) bounces deliciously beneath his hand.
‘Ow!’ Priscilla gasps. ‘I’m sure it will sir!’

Half an hour later Priscilla and Nicola are on their way back from detention, with eight very flushed cheeks. They are incorrigible of course and the giggling is undiminished. Friday detention is becoming a way of life!
The girls made a welcome re-appearance in Janus 46 in the photo-story Nicola and Priscilla. Nicola also features in Janus 68 in Miss Nicola Redway, B.Sc.