Spankford UPDATE Tracy is back !

2017, Tracy is back, the Spankford girl, by popular demand. She is in this months feature of Spanking Pocket Money. Making some extra cash around the Spanko’s in her neighborhood. 20 pounds for an over the knee session by hand. I am going to also finish her visit to the Old Cane Factory too. Tracy will also be featuring in my Wet Smacked Bottom series and an all new Fund Raiser with her friend. If there is any story line you think Tracy would be good for please let me know.

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One thought on “Spankford UPDATE Tracy is back !

  1. Tracy is the cutest, naughtiest schoolgirl. Her skirts are always exactly the right length a naughty schoolgirls skirts should be. VERY short.
    There is going to be a summer street party and Tracy’s parents decide to help with the fund raising. They send her, unwillingly of course, to every house down her street to get her a daily spanking for which her parents get $20. with 110 houses in her road, thats a lot of money!. all the neighbors are keen to help with the street party. After school every day and even weekends she would have to go to a new house where ANYone in the house at the time could give her a spanking. Just one spanking. but it could be the adults or kids her age or younger spanking her if their parents let her. after each spanking the spanker signs a $20 bill and she takes it home to mom 🙂

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